Good deeds should get their proper notice

Published 8:40 am Saturday, June 25, 2016

Editorial by Bobby Tingle


One household is better off today as a result of members of the community gathering together and pooling resources to make a difference. A homeowner whose home needed repairs was able to get those repairs by way of just such an effort.

The story ran in the Wednesday edition of The Orange Leader chronicling the efforts of volunteers who came together to provide repairs to another’s home. Making that difference in that homeowner’s life is a wonderful accomplishment.

I suspect good deeds occur all the time. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that your neighbors take the time to make a difference in someone’s life. It is not often that we know about those deeds. But it is important that we recognize the accomplishments made by others when we can.

Thank you to those who contributed services, materials, time and labor to make this happen. You deserve a huge high five.

Another ‘hero’ is making a difference this weekend. I heard an estimate that 1,400 aspiring athletes showed up to take part in the event he has organized. Did you read that number? One thousand four hundred arrived at Dan Hooks Stadium on the campus of West Orange Stark High School to take part in a football camp. There is no way you can just show up on Friday and put on an event like that. I can’t imagine the time, effort, people and resources it would take to make an event like this happen. All ‘campers’ take part in this event at no charge to their caretakers.

But you know this wasn’t free. Someone paid for t-shirts and drinks just to mention a few of the items on hand to make this event possible. The number of volunteers who gave their time has to be enormous.

Thank you to all who make Camp ET a positive event. I doubt many of the campers will ever be professional athletes. But an event like this can be an inspiration. Every child in attendance will one day know the need to work hard. This event may motivate them one step closer to success.

Frankly, I am challenged by the contributions others make. Lately my wife and I have been jogging or walking early in the morning to get a bit of exercise. Invariably not long after she leaves she is coming back through the door to stash the trash she picked up. I am ashamed to say she had to prompt me to do the same. It seems like a small thing in comparison. But every time you pick up the trash someone else left behind you make a contribution. Even seemingly small gestures are important.

Good deeds happen all the time. Most go unnoticed. Most of those performing those good deeds want to be unnoticed. But it is also nice to hear about a few of those deeds.

When you know someone has done well let them feel your gratitude. You may inspire them as well as yourself.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. He can be reached at