PH Planning Commission attend coffee with mayor

Published 12:16 pm Wednesday, June 22, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh

PINEHURST — New faces were present at the Tuesday morning Coffee with the Mayor held monthly.

Newly appointed City of Pinehurst Planning Commission were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to those attending the informal meeting.

The council appointed seven individuals least week to serve as members of a Planning Commission for the City of Pinehurst.

Liz Hogan, business owner, was appointed chairperson of the committee and will serve a two-year term. The committee will act in an advisory capacity to the council.

Other appointed to the commission are Reid Caruthers, JDavid Derosier, Scott Hasty, Kenny Johnson, Stan Matthews, and Laurah Rodgers. Members will serve a one or two year terms.

Mayor Joseph L. “Pete” Runnels also discussed the origins of the annual Senior Citizens Labor Day Picnic and an addition to the program presented each year.

Runnels said city workers were returning to the office discussing a man who was now living alone and how much it bothered them.

“I started talking about doing something for the seniors and suggested the Fourth of July, but was told there was not enough time to organize it by then,” Runnels said. “That is how we selected Labor Day.”

Runnels also said Robert’s Steakhouse has catered the event every year.

The annual event began in 2000 and has been held every year expect once due to a hurricane.

This year, Mayor Pro-Tem John D. Zerko will present a short history of the city of Pinehurst.

“Zerko is very knowledgeable on the history of our city,” Runnels said.

Harry Vine, Code Enforcement Officer, reported the commission will consider adopting a program to aid local citizens maintain compliance with city ordinances. The program, TLC or Tool Loan Center, is in place in Round Rock, Texas. If established, the TLC will make tools available such as lawnmowers and power washers. Area faith based groups will be recruited to provide labor. Residents in need of assistance mowing their lawn and other tasks can request the use of this service at their personal property. All tools and labor will be donated for this program.