Unsafe food temperatures lower health score for shop

Published 11:41 am Wednesday, June 15, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh



Sausage and eggs were found at unsafe temperatures at The Donut Shop located at 1125 Texas Ave., in Bridge City, during a recent routine health code inspection. The shop received a health score of 88 out of a possible 100. Other demerits included no record of time found on holding sausage, eggs at room temperatures, raw dough found inside plastic grocery bags, dead insects found inside light shields, reusing pan liners to bake kolaches, and several areas in need of cleaning of old grease.


Other Scores:

  • Dairy Queen

780 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 99

Demerits are for the need to repair dripping air vents.

  • Waffle House #523

4212 27th Street, Orange.

Score: 95

Demerits included an employee using the handwashing sink to empty drink and store sanitizer buckets, and for flies found during the inspection.

  • Old Orange Café

914 West Division Street, Orange.

Score: 99

Demerits included the need to clean walls, storage shelves and vent-a-hood of old grease.

  • Popeye’s Chicken #2873

1604 West Link Street, Orange.

Score: 93

Demerits included a motor inside walk-in cooler dripping water onto sauce packets, employee food and cigarettes stored improperly, another food establishment bag on the warmer for cooked chicken and a smoked cigarette on top of the food warmer.

  • Delta Food Mart

705 Texas Ave., Bridge City

Score: 96

Demerits included cooling cooked rice on top of counter.

  • Domino’s Pizza

2380 Texas Ave., Bridge City

Score: 96

Demerits included several storage containers in need of being replaced, several flies and gnats found throughout and mice feces found in back storage area.

  • Case Ole #27

1716 16th Street, Orange

Score: 95

Demerits included several faucets dripping water, employee drinks without lids and straw while stored on the prep table, and walls and ceilings in need of being cleaned of old foods.

  • Mongolian Grill and Sushi

3104 Edgar Brown Drive, Orange.

Score: 89

Demerits included raw meats stored improperly inside coolers, employee food and drinks improperly stored, back of restaurant needs to be cleaned of old trash and broken equipment.

  • Whataburger #830

7241 Interstate 10 East, McLewis

Score: 98

Demerits included storage shelves, motor and floors inside walk-in cooler in need of repairs.


The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • James Hope Academic Center

708 West Park Ave., Orange.

  • Vidor City Pool Conn Park

164 South Street, Vidor

  • Vidor Middle School

2500 Hwy. 12, Vidor

  • Subway #45489

10383 Hwy. 12, Suite 120, Mauriceville


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:

  • Write The Vision Learning

1911 16th Street, Orange.

  • Bright Beginnings Learning

1023 Church Street, Vidor