Manshack seeks Commissioner seat

Published 10:42 am Monday, May 23, 2016

I am Bobby Manshack. I am a candidate for Orange County Commissioner, Pct. 1.

I am a Christian, father, husband, dad, pawpaw, and employer. I make decisions daily that I must stand by. I listen to people and gather information that allows me do the best that I can. We struggle everyday to stay afloat and have succeeded by working hard and by doing what is right. Many times I have been tested and I have stood up and led. I have the qualifications and fortitude to do this job. I have given thousands of hours in service to Orange County while not asking for anything in return, not one penny. When asked to serve I do so humbly and without any need to get a pat on the back. Forty-two years in business has given me the experience to know what works and what does not. I know that tax money does not belong to me and that it belongs to the taxpayers. I will work tirelessly to restore trust in our county government. . I believe I am on the right side and will do everything I possibly can to help make Orange County better. I have spoken to a lot of people who are concerned for our future. I want to restore the faith in our county government, which seems to be in question, and make good sound decisions. We need jobs here and structures to enhance the quality of life for our citizens and our children. I am reaching out for your help to make our county better for all of us. I am committed and hope I can continue to have your support.

Since 1985 public service has been a round the clock commitment for me. I became a Deputy Sheriff in the Reserve Division in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I work for the family business, but wanted to do something else in addition so I could help protect and serve my community. Within three years I was promoted to the rank of Captain of the Reserve Division. I served as the leader for up to as many as 42 peace officers. While in that position, I logged thousands of hours of street patrol, marine patrol and warrant service. In 2005, I left the Sheriff’s Office to join the office of then Constable Keith Merritt where I continue to volunteer my time and serve as Pct. 1 Deputy Constable. In 1978, at age 22, I became Vice President of Manshack & Sons, Inc. Manshack & Sons is a family owned construction company that has been in continuous business since 1945. I also serve as President of Chasse Planning & Development as well as North Orange Water, LLC. In these capacities we have invested millions of dollars into local economy and provide full time employment for 10 people. I have led in the development of eight residential subdivisions, creating upwards to 60 million dollars in additional tax base for Orange County. These projects provided dozens of jobs for local residents. This type of development for economic growth and employment is necessary for our community. We have recently partnered with MA Energy Resources to provide ten more permanent jobs for our citizens and are currently looking forward to adding an additional Vidor location.

In 2007, I was appointed by the Orange County Commissioners Court to the position of commissioner on the Emergency Services #3 board. ESD#3 is directly responsible for the safety of life and property of approximately 6,000 residents. The commissioners oversee operations, budget, and the implementation of that budget to insure that tax payers funds are allocated to the services that the residents most depend on. By partnering with other commissioners, we have transitioned into one of the finest staffed and well equipped districts in Orange County. I believe that my time spent as commissioner for ESD#3 has given me an invaluable knowledge base to be the best Pct. 1 Commissioner.

I want everyone to know I am not looking for an excuse for retirement or a chance to make more money. I am not looking to begin a new career in helping my community. I already have a career of public service currently spanning over three decades and I wish to continue that work. I am not trying to prove to you what I have done. I feel you already know what I am about. There is no substitute for solid hard earned business experience. I have a proven record of hard work combined with good decision making. Orange County will survive and prosper by working together and by having strong sound financial practices. I do not need to be taught how to govern. I am honored to serve the people of Orange County and wish only to make us better.

I have LIVED, SERVED, and LED in this wonderful community my entire life and will continue to do so as your Pct. 1 Commissioner. I humbly ask for your vote.


Bobby Manshack