Rezoning for daycare, improvements to Fire Station on agenda for Tuesday

Published 7:21 pm Saturday, May 21, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh


Orange City Council will have a final reading for the consideration of an ordinance allowing rezoning for a day care facility for a church on 16th Street in Orange.

Pastor Demetrius Moffett, of Church of God, spoke during the May 10 meeting asking the council to consider the rezoning request was for building a better quality of life for the citizens of Orange by permitting James Hope Academic Center to operate on the campus.

The council conducted a public hearing during the meeting to receive comments concerning amending the Land Use Matrix of the Zoning Ordinance to allow day care centers to operate in the C-S “Commercial – Special” zoning district by special exception.

By considering an ordinance to amending the zone, the council approved the Board of Adjustments to look into the possible rezoning.

James Hope Academic Center, the facility to operate at the church, currently employees ten persons and would be open to children from the ages of four – 12 years of age.

The council will also discuss and possibly take action on improvements to Fire Station #2.

The station was constructed in 1979 according to a memorandum to City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre from Fire Chief David Frenzel in reference to the changes.

Of the requested improvements is the need for a bathroom. The facility was built when all the employees were male. Since 1988, Orange Fire Department has employed both male and female firefighters. The addition of a second bathroom will make the station more suitable when employees of both genders are on duty together, according to the same memorandum.

Other improvements include a dedicated fitness room for the employees and meeting National Fire Protection Association guidelines for cleaning and storage of personal protective gear.

City of Orange Council Meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tues., May 24 at the Orange Public Library Auditorium located at 220 North 5th Street in Orange.