Orange Colts head to Virginia to play football

Published 11:10 am Saturday, May 21, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh


Orange Colts Red Team members are looking forward to a big game in Virginia.

Two members of a newly formed league, Orange Colts, are traveling to Virginia this month to play on the Third Grade Red Team.

Demin Orebo and Marcus Turner have been selected to play in the Diamond Youth All American Spring Game after being selected from thousands of children.

Orebo, an all A student, was first picked running back according to Rhonda Orebo, his mother.

Turner’s father will be the Athletic Director for a new league here in Orange, the Orange Colts.

Diamond Sports Group is a sports marketing company with a testing combine component, Diamond Combine, which is designed to bring light to athletes that might not normally get the opportunity to participate in a national camp combine opportunity. We offer a one or two day training and assessment for youth and high School athletes to display their skills and potential through speed, agility and strength testing. It is one of the largest growing and most successful programs of its kind. The purpose of which is to connect talented student athletes with collegiate programs willing to offer student athletes full or partial scholarships. The intense training and assessment is an exciting time for the athletes and a vital step in achieving their dreams, according to the official website.

Diamond Sports Group has a huge network of scouts and coaches in every region that look for top talent daily. The selection committee will review each nomination received. After review of the nomination and film a scout will call the athlete for a interview or the athlete will receive an invite letter in the mail. Each athlete must be enrolled in an accredited school and must play for either an academic school team or a youth football team sanctioned within they state they reside to be eligible to play.

“This is an opportunity to create exposure for athletes whether in third thru 12th grade,” CEO/President Donnell Britt said in a documentary.

Orebo and Turner will play on the Red Team at 10 a.m. Central Time, Monday, May 30. The game will be streamed live via Diamond Youth’s website.

Orebo is (25) Running Back while Turner is (19) Linebacker.

Both nine year olds have played football for four years.

“We have been on the same team except one year,” Turner said.

Both are excited about the opportunity to play football.

“I hope we have a lot of touchdowns,” Orebo said. “I am excited about going.”

Not only are the two teammates for football, but they also play baseball together and enjoy basketball as well.

Turner hopes to run track in the coming year.