Leadership, integrity and economic growth for Orange County

Published 7:55 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My name is Johnny Trahan and I am the right choice for Orange County Pct. #1 County Commissioner. A Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Lamar State College-Orange, and a Lamar Graduate, born, raised Precinct 1. I have been married to my wife, Becky Boehme for 34 years and we have two children Justin and Cody. We will have some excellent opportunities in the coming years and I believe I bring a positive perspective to fully develop these opportunities. We have become economically stagnant and need to work together to grow this economy. I am a lifelong resident of Orange County, worked hard through different organizations to make this a better place for over 25 years.

I believe I can make a positive difference in Orange County. I am a lifelong native of Orange who understands and loves this community and has the energy and passion needed for this position. I will bring experience in economic development and working relationships with our representatives to help Orange County. We have a smart and talented workforce, business leaders who want to see our area thrive, and leadership to take advantage of our opportunities. I have the knowledge of our history and know how important the Sabine River has been to our success and what an asset Lamar State College-Orange is to our area. I will use our strengths to promote the county.

I have volunteered in youth sports and high schools to help our children have better opportunities for recreation. I also have been involved with Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary, and through those organizations have helped provide scholarships for local high school students. We also have assisted “Stay and Play” in providing playground equipment and activities for special needs children, and will install a special needs swing at Northway Park. Through Kiwanis we were able to preserve the Christmas Parade which had been part of Orange for over six decades. In Rotary we were able to make a significant donation to the 100 Club of Southeast Texas. I am currently President of CASA of the Sabine Neches Region, an organization dedicated to training volunteers to represent abused and neglected children in our court system. This shows that I have long been working hard to make Orange a better place to live. It’s not just being a member of an organization, it’s about working to make this a better place to live and I will work for to make Orange County even better.

As a business leader I have been involved in developing business opportunities for our area and my involvement in the Orange Chamber has allowed me to participate in bringing several of the fishing tournaments to our area, bringing a big economic impact to Orange County. I hosted an Economic Development Workshop for business leaders and local realtors to help them better understand how economic development works and the tools we have available. I believe my business instinct, my education and an analytical approach to problem solving will give me the tools I need to represent Pct. 1 on the Commissioner’s Court with an even handed approach that is fair to citizens, tax payers and employees. I believe our employees are an asset to the county and a well run County will make us more appealing to new business.

I am truly excited and optimistic about the future of Orange County. I am a lifelong resident of Orange County and I believe our brightest times are still ahead. I have worked hard for our area the last several years to help grow our economy, working tirelessly on economic development. We need to become more aggressive on recruiting industry and business to our area, and we can learn from the successes of other areas to succeed in attracting new business here. We have the assets to attract new business and industry and when we pull together, Orange County will benefit.

I ask for your vote for Leadership, Integrity, Experience and Economic Growth. Vote for Johnny Trahan for Pct. #1 County Commissioner. If elected I will retire from my current job of 34 years and become your full-time commissioner with no business to run, or second job. Orange County will be my sole focus.


Thank You,

Johnny Trahan