Pinehusrt VFD wins coveted Traveling Trophy

Published 11:07 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh

PINEHURST — Three years ago, Pinehurst Fire Chief Shon Branham came out of retirement to be interim Fire Chief for the city.

Branham served for 22 years on the Bridge City Fire Department prior to retirement.

Monday evening, the Pinehurst Volunteer Fire Department was presented with the Orange County Firefighters Association Traveling Trophy for personnel participation.

“This is the first time in the history Pinehurst has brought this trophy home,” Branham said.

Branham also said members of the department has grown in recent years.

“There were five members when I got here,” Branham said. “Now we have 14. This trophy shows the numerous association meetings we have attended.”

Branham is currently serving his third term as chief.

“I am very proud of the dedication from my personnel,” Branham said. “I am very proud of my department and appreciate the council and the City Administrator for all they do for us.”

For those interested in applying as a volunteer firefighter, one can pick up an application on Thursday evenings before the 7 p.m. training meeting begins. A criminal background check is conducted on each applicant.

“We have a dedicated group of firefighters, male and females,” Branham said. “My goal is to protect property and lives.”