Registered to Vote, Time to Choose

Published 2:55 pm Monday, April 25, 2016

Editorial by Bobby Tingle

My voter registration card arrived this week. When I moved to Orange in February, I had a number of items on my list of things to do. Now, I can mark that off my list.

The timing of our move prevented me from voting in Precinct One in Orange County in the Primary Election March 1. But now I am ready to vote in the runoff May 24.

The runoff is between Bobby Manshack and Johnny Trahan.

I looked on a map to ensure I live in Precinct One. The boundaries on the map I found online were unclear. But if the presence of signs for Manshack and Trahan, surrounding me in all directions, is any indication, then I can be fairly certain I will have the opportunity to cast a vote for one or the other.

Frankly, choosing will be difficult. But at least there are only two to choose from this time. Primary voters from Precinct One had five choices on March 1.

So, how do you decide who to vote for?

I had the pleasure of meeting both gentlemen prior to the March 1 election. Both have good ideas and are interested in seeing Orange County develop and move forward. Both are successful and long-term residents. Both have family and roots here. So, how do you decide?

My hope is the winner will be interested in being a good steward of the resources they will manage. I also hope they will stick to their convictions. I may not always agree with their decisions but decisions based on principle are best.

My mind wanders when contemplating voting decisions. What about voters in Precinct One who do not know either candidate?  Will they vote? Should they vote? How will they choose?

As I researched my county designation, I also confirmed that I live within the boundaries served by Dade Phelan, Brian Babin and Robert Nichols. Two of these men have been regular contributors to our editorial page. I met one recently at a ribbon-cutting event.

I will also have the opportunity to vote for West Orange Cove Independent School Board Trustees. That election is May 7, with early voting to commence Monday, April 25. There are five candidates seeking three at-large spots. But unfortunately, I know little about any of them.

Tony Dallas, Ricky Jacobs, Bonnie Moses, Demetrius Hunter and Linda Platt-Bryant are the five candidates. Linda Platt-Bryant is the only incumbent.

On the national scene I suppose most folks will know who is running for President in November. If the names Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders or Kasich register with you then you know who is in the hunt to be our next president. An awful lot of time and attention has been paid to these five. Some have gotten more attention than others. I suspect we focus far too much attention on the one person who will fill one office.

As I consider these five, I will tell you what I know for certain. I will not vote for Bernie Sanders. He doesn’t get it. I also will not vote for Hillary Clinton. She lost any credibility she may have had in her time as United States Secretary of State. It’s hard to believe she is actually in the running.

So that leaves me with the other three. I like Kasich, but he is not my first choice. He seems a bit too moderate. I like Trump somewhat. He seems a bit odd as a choice when I consider all I know about him. But when I listen to him, what he says is attractive. My first choice of the three is Ted Cruz. I doubt he could win in November. Although I see him as the best candidate I believe he will be pegged a radical. He speaks with conviction on issues such as abortion. That takes courage and principle. He is my choice.

I guess that makes me radical.

Beyond that I know very little about the opportunity I now have to vote in the great State of Texas in the greater Orange County.

Some choices I make will be based on party affiliation.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. He can be reached at