Health Scores

Published 2:16 am Wednesday, April 20, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh

Kotoyama can expect weekly follow up visits from the Orange County Health Inspector after a recent routine inspection resulted in a health score of 86 out of a possible 100. The inspector noted more general cleaning was needed at the establishment resulting in the follow up inspections.

Other demerits for the business were vegetables and raw meat stored incorrectly, no hot water at the hand-washing sink, no hand washing sink inside the kitchen area, chipped plates, and food being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler and freezer. The health inspector also noted the hot water and replacement of the hand-washing sink were required immediately.


Other Scores:

  • Pirates Stop

1883 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 89

Demerits included the need foe a certified food manager on staff, soap and paper towels needed at the hand-washing station, and mop sink broken.

  • Super Stop #3

2745 Evangeline, Vidor

Score: 90

Demerits included mold found inside ice machine, no hot water at the three-compartment sink or in the restroom and the need to clean the rest room more frequently.

  • Country Pantry #11

1079 Orange Street, Vidor

Score: 91

Demerits included faucet for hot water at the three-compartment sink broken, mice feces found on storage shelves and the cappuccino machine in need of being cleaned.

  • Bridge City Food Mart

1000 West Roundbunch Road, Bridge City

Score: 92

Demerits included several outdated foods on the shelves, drinks being stored on the floors, and several areas including the under equipment in need of being cleaned.

  • Market basket #46

800 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 93

Demerits included expired and use by date foods found throughout the store, employee food and drinks improperly stored inside the coolers, and food being stored on the floor throughout.

  • Robert’s Meat Market

3720 West Park Ave., Orange

Score: 94

Demerits include equipment in need of repairs such as the cracked glass doors on the front meat cooler, and walk-in freezer door iced over and not closing completely.

  • Break Time

3900 North 16th Street, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits include no hot water inside the restrooms, and dead bugs found inside the light shields.

  • Dairy Queen

321 Strickland Drive, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits included a broken hot water nozzle at the sink. and sides of the fryers in need of being cleaned of old grease.

  • Subway #12477

3736 North 16th Street, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits include damaged floor tiles.

  • Elements Café and Bakery

1055 Texas Ave., Suite A, Bridge City

Score: 96

Demerits included the need to clean the counter top and floors of old foods.

  • Burger Town

6223 West Roundbunch Road, Orangefield

Score: 98

Demerits were for an employee drink without a lid or straw sitting on top of an ice machine and the fryers in need of being cleaned of buildup of grease.

  • Family Dollar #8740

11701 Hwy. 62 North, Mauriceville

Score: 99

Demerits were for the need to remove spider webs from inside the store.


The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • Once Upon a Time Child Care

2825 Texas Ave., Bridge City

  • Walmart #457

1350 North Main Street, Vidor

  • West Orange High School

1400 Newton Street, Orange

  • Bridge City Middle School

300 Bower Street, Bridge City

  • Walgreen’s #10139

1305 North Main Street, Vidor

  • Flava Foods at Lamar Orange

410 Green Ave., Orange

  • Orange County Jail

105 South Border Street, Orange

  • CVS Pharmacy #851

485 Texas Ave., Bridge City


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:

  • Tropicaca Ice Cream Parlor

2637 Texas Ave., Suite C, Bridge City

  • Subway #3599

2637 Texas Ave., Suite D, Bridge City

  • Mama Lupe Mex Grill

2615 Western Ave., Orange

  • Shell Star Stop #12

11384 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville

  • The Snack Shack

2822 Western Ave., Orange

  • Stop and Shop

111 Green Ave., Orange

  • The Stuffed Mushroom Kitchen

1922-B Strickland Drive, Orange