Road Closures 8:35 a.m.

Published 8:48 am Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Flooded areas / Roads

North Hwy 62 Area and Mauriceville Area  (Cow Bayou watershed)

9400 Skeeter Dr.

Hickory Bend

North Orange Area

West Bluff from Elmira east to river – (Barricaded)

Armitage @ FM 3247

Pea Farm

Pine Bluff Rd

East Allie Payne

Holliman Circle (Barricaded)

Elmira Rd. from 3000 block (Killian Rd) to West Bluff

FM 1130 from FM 3247 North to Bear Path (Impassible)


City of Orange

Simmons Drive (Barricaded)

John at Simmons (Barricaded)

North Street & 3rd (Barricaded)

All Street in Navy Addition

6th St. & Cordrey East to Simmons

Beverly and Eddie (Greenway 1)

27th @ Eddleman


Vidor Area

South Lakeview @ the sandbar

Sharon Lane

Connolly Road

4 Oaks Ranch Road, flooded from west up to 500 block (Barricaded)

Lakeview, from the west up to 600 block (Barricaded at N. Fisherman)


Bridge City Area

Bailey’s Rd. at Lake Street (Barricaded) _management.html  for contact information

Facebook Page, search for:  Orange County Office of Emerge