U.S. Coast Guard implementing a “Safety Corridor” on the Sabine River North of I-10

Published 4:40 pm Monday, March 14, 2016

Access Restrictions:

The U.S. Coast Guard will be implementing a “Safety Corridor” on the Sabine River North of I-10.  This will mean that Coast Guard permission will be needed for all water operations in the affected area.

Curfew – A curfew has not been enacted at this time anywhere in Orange County, but Law Enforcement will be restricting access to any of the affected areas to residents only.

City of Orange specific information:

City of Orange City Hall , the Orange City Library and the City of Orange Municipal Court will be closed starting Tuesday at 8AM until further notice.

The City of Orange has CANCELLED THE Music Fest that was scheduled at the Riverfront Pavilion for Saturday, March 19th from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

The sandbag sites have changed:

The boat ramp site has been closed.

National Guard Armory site has been moved to the Parking Lot at Memorial Field site and is open.

Link Street Water Plant site in the 1400 block of Like is open.




As of 12:45pm, the Orange County Office of Emergency Management has issued a mandatory evacuation notice for residents who live north of Interstate 10 and east of Highway 87.  Residents are urged to safely leave their homes with the potential to be displaced for several days.


The voluntary evacuation is still in effect for areas south of Interstate 10, east of Bob Hall Road, east of 10th Street and all of the Cove.

CORRECTION:  The City of West Orange has issued a voluntary evacuation notice for residents living along Broad St, including Bonnie St, Bradford St, and Crabtree Streets as well as residents east of Dayton from South St towards Western Avenue.

Residents are advised to stay tuned to local media stations and the Orange County Office of Emergency Management websites for updated information.


North Orange Baptist Church

4775 16th Street, Orange, Texas 77632

Call 409-745-9762 if you need transportation


www.co.orange.tx.us/emergency _management.html  for contact information

Facebook Page, search for:  Orange County Office of Emergency Management

409-882-7895 OCEM Office number