Texas Heritage Protection Encourages Texans to Support Environmental Champions on Super Tuesday

Published 11:35 am Monday, February 29, 2016

Austin, Texas—Today, the leaders of Texas Heritage Protection (THP) encouraged their fellow Texans to support candidates for the State House and Senate who have pledged to be strong stewards for Texas’s vast natural resources.

THP’s endorsements for tomorrow’s March 1st Primary include both incumbents and challengers. In addition, our picks for the 85th legislative session embrace contenders from both political parties, crossing the ideological divide. While THP is primarily a conservative-leaning organization, its leaders do not believe that protecting our environment is an issue belonging to either political party or any particular ideology.

Texas Heritage Protection is hard at work with citizens and lawmakers to help safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink, the wildlife we enjoy and the natural systems that sustain our life on Earth. We encourage residents and representatives to promote responsible stewardship of our state’s unique natural resources. We encourage others to adopt commonsense, science-based solutions to curtail litter, safeguard our environment and help keep Texas clean as well.


THP’s members are confident the leaders that have been selected to carry our endorsement will join us in elevating public awareness and providing solutions to address the growing litter problem in our state. We hope lawmakers recognize the economic opportunities and benefits in increased tourism that come with preserving Texas’s natural beauty and heritage.


THP’s leaders are asking the people of Texas to join with them in supporting these trailblazers tomorrow at the ballot box. Texans have a long history of fighting for our natural environment and enjoying the frontier aspects of our state. THP looks forward to its future working relationship with these candidates and to achieving our shared goal: encouraging more Texans to be responsible stewards of the place we love and call home.


Texas Heritage Protections 2016 Primary Endorsements include:


Texas House District 7           Republican Primary                 Jay Dean

Texas House District 17         Republican Primary                 Rep. John Cyrier

Texas House District 18         Republican Primary                 Van Brookshire

Texas House District 26         Republican Primary                 Rep. Rick Miller

Texas House District 27         Republican Primary                 Mary Walker

Texas House District 33         Republican Primary                 Justin Holland



Texas House District 49         Democratic Primary                  Huey Rey Fischer

Texas House District 54         Democratic Primary                  Sandra Blankenship

Texas House District 55         Republican Primary                 Hugh Shine

Texas House District 64         Democratic Primary                  Paul Greco

Texas House District 64         Republican Primary                 Lynn Stucky

Texas House District 77         Democratic Primary                  Adolfo Lopez

Texas House District 78         Democratic Primary                  Rep. Joe Moody

Texas House District 82         Republican Primary                 Rep. Tom Craddick

Texas House District 84         Republican Primary                 Rep. John Frullo

Texas House District 85         Republican Primary                 Rep. Phil Stephenson

Texas House District 116       Democratic Primary                  Ruby Resendez

Texas House District 120       Democratic Primary                  Mario Salas and Lou Miller

Texas House District133        Democratic Primary                  Rep. Alma Allen

Texas Senate District 11        Republican Primary                 Sen. Larry Taylor

Texas Senate District 24        Republican Primary                 Reed Williams



You can learn more about Texas Heritage Protection and its unique mission by visiting our website at texasheritageprotection.org or the group’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/TexasHeritageProtection