Total Advances Gift of Life Healthcare Services for Southeast Texas Women

Published 3:39 pm Thursday, February 25, 2016

PORT ARTHUR — Friday, February 19, 2016 – Through the generous support of Total, 36 medically underserved Southeast Texas women received free Gift of Life clinical breast exams and mammograms on the UTMB mobile van located at Grace Church of the Nazarene in Port Arthur.

Clients at the site expressed appreciation to Total for its benevolent support.

“I have my mammograms to make sure that I am okay for my children,” said one mammogram client. “There are no words that I can say about how thankful I am to Total and Gift of Life for providing the opportunity for me and the other women here today to have mammograms. I am grateful for their help and for caring about the lives of women.”

For nearly 15 years, Total has provided much-needed funding to heighten cancer awareness and reduce healthcare disparities in Southeast Texas through its annual sponsorship of Gift of Life breast and prostate cancer screenings, as well as Survivors Celebration, an event that inspires hope, while exemplifying the courage of individuals who have valiantly battled cancer.

“The Gift of Life is deeply grateful to Total for its very generous support of our organization’s efforts,” said Gift of Life Founder and Chair Regina Rogers. “Total’s belief in our mission enhances our ability to provide additional lifesaving services to women in need. We are humbled by the company’s willingness to be a champion of the cause for these vulnerable individuals.”

The Gift of Life also receives a portion of proceeds from the annual Miracle Match for Life golf tournament, sponsored through a partnership of Total and BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals, LLC, to enhance support for marrow donors, blood donations and cancer prevention and screenings in Southeast Texas.


Photo courtesy of Gift of Life

Photo courtesy of Gift of Life

Since 2002, Total has helped underwrite nearly 50 mammography van sites with company support and also through its collaboration with Miracle Match for Life, providing nearly 1,500 free clinical breast exams and mammograms, as well as diagnostic tests, when needed, for medically underserved Southeast Texans, and extending the lives of 12 women who were diagnosed with cancer and given access to treatment.

Additionally, with Miracle Match for Life support for Gift of Life annual prostate cancer screenings, Total has helped extend the lives of nearly 70 men who have been diagnosed with cancer and whose treatment costs have been entirely underwritten by the Gift of Life. Since inception, the Gift of Life has helped extend the lives of more than 275 Southeast Texans who were diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer and navigated into treatment.

In 2009, Total received the Gift of Life’s prestigious corporate “Spirit of Love” award in recognition of its outstanding community initiatives that have helped provide critical healthcare services for thousands of medically underserved Southeast Texans.

For information regarding the program’s free breast and prostate cancer screenings or to become active in Gift of Life volunteer opportunities, please call Gift of Life at (409) 860-3369 or toll-free at (877) 720-GIFT (4438).