Giving back, reaching out to the community

Published 4:01 pm Monday, February 22, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh


ORANGE — A conversation between friends eight months ago has turned into a non-profit organization giving back to the community.

“A friend knew I had horses,” Official Stuntinn Hard Ridaz President Dameon Morris Sr. said. “This is more than just trail riding. We want to be a blessing to someone else who may by hungry, or homeless.”

Morris said he wished he could do more for the community.

“Right now we are looking for donations and sponsorships,” Morris said.

Morris has been active with the Little Mustangs and Salvation Army while mentoring children.

“We are about God first,” Morris said. “I believe a family that prays together, stays together.”

Each month, the group draws the name of a church from a hat. Once selected, the group visits the church.

“We meet at the church and eat together afterwards,” Morris said. “We are very family orientated.”

The group is also involved in fundraising, hosting community events, donating educational supplies/financial hardships; volunteering with elderly, cognitive, mental, and physical impairments while also making contributions to various churches and charities.

“We have to give back to the community,” Morris said. “It is a way to show kids there is something to do other than standing on a street corner or hanging out at night clubs.”

The organization has grown to 30 adult members plus numerous children.

“We have new members joining us every month,” Morris said.

What started as a “Fun Day” not only for the members and family, but also for the community, which consisted of free food for everyone, kid friendly activities, horseback riding, etc. Has grown into fundraising events, Back to School Drive, and assisting Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Orange with “Feeding 500” for Thanksgiving.

Official Stuntinn Hard Ridaz organization includes Board members, following by-laws and monthly dues.

“We want to do anything to try and help the community,” Morris said.

For more information on the organization, visit the official Facebook page at