Pernell seeking position of City Council for District 4

Published 12:19 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Everyone is ready for the Primary Elections where they can vote for the next Commissioner, Constable, Sheriff, Tax Collector and President of the United States. However, on May 7, 2016, we have another election that is just as important and that is the election for the person who will represent you and your District as City Council member.

Hello, my name is Annette Pernell and I am vying for your vote for City Council, District 4. As your council member, I promise that my first order of business is to communicate with you. It is my goal to make sure you stay informed with what the City has planned. It’s just as important to me that our tax dollars are spent wisely and that the CITY as a WHOLE gets the opportunity to enjoy the simple amenities such as repaired roads, cleaned ditches, mowing of vacant lots and sweeping of the streets where we live.

Some parts of District 4 as well as the City have areas that are overlooked and simply neglected. The Cove for example is plagued with overgrown lots, cracked and broken sidewalks, or no sidewalks at all. The road that runs through the Cove is a main thoroughfare for people traveling to and from the industrial side of town and therefore should be maintained and presentable at all times.

I also promise to make myself available to you. Your concerns will become my concerns. I want you to reach out to me when you need me, or if you just want to tell me about what is happening/not happening in your area. Sadly, we have some areas that need constant police presence in order to deter crime and the dealing of drugs. I will work diligently with our Police to keep these areas at the top of the list. Communication is the key and without it we cannot mature or move forward so Vote Annette Pernell for City Council, District 4 because Pernell = Progress for Orange.

District 4 represents the area encompassed by the Orange Historic District, most of the Cove, the neighborhoods to the east of Shangri-La and Park Avenue, and a southern portion of Navy Park.

On the May 7, 2015 Election Day, District 4 voters vote at the West Orange-Stark Middle School. Early voting at the Orange Public Library will start April 25, 2016. If voters choose to vote early, they must be registered to vote by March 25, 2016.

Contributions to support my candidacy can be made out to Kevin McAdams, Treasurer and sent to P.O. Box 1202, Orange, TX 77630.