OC Christian Writers Guild test grammar knowledge

Published 2:12 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Orange County Christian Writers Guild had their meeting for February, and was taught another grammar lesson. This time it was on quotation marks with punctuations.

There are 11 different rules for quotation marks, which the Guild took a fun test to see how many they knew. They also played a short game on the rules of numbers.

Any number under 10 should be spelled out unless it is in a list or if you start a sentence with a number, under 10. Some were experts and some were beginners, but all had a great time.

Also, several members read some of their work for the Guild. It was discussed if the Guild should have a booth, in the upcoming “Art in the Park.” It was decided the Guild would participate, so make plans to look for them.

If you want to participate in this free Guild, they meet the first Tuesday of each month at Brown Hearing Center, 105 Camellia in Orange behind Dairy Queen.

For questions, please call Karen Y. Stevens, 409 988-2588 or email karen.stevens@coldwellbanker.com

Karen Y. Stevens is Founder of the Orange County Christian Writers Guild