Pinehurst Council approves National Motto on city vehicles

Published 12:58 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2016

By Bobby Tingle

PINEHURST — “I believe it is time we take back our country one city at a time”, declared George “Mike” Anderson.

Anderson made this sentiment known while Pinehurst City Council members discussed allowing placement of our national motto, “In God We Trust” on city vehicles.

“Based on my research I find council has the right to do so”, concluded City Attorney, Tommy Gunn.

Gunn stated this opinion after discussing research he conducted regarding this issue. He mentioned several sources including opinions stated by Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott, in support of the right of municipalities to do so. According to Gunn, Governor Abbott expects the Court of the State of Texas to support the right of municipalities to display this phrase on public property.

The City of Pinehurst then approved placing this phrase on all city vehicles.

New billboards are now banned within the city of Pinehurst. Council unanimously approved an ordinance regulating signs with the city. Elimination of clutter and distractions are goals of the new ordinance. Councilmen Dan Mohon and John D. Zerko worked as a subcommittee to make recommendations regarding these regulations. Among other items new billboards will not be allowed. The ordinance does protect existing signs provided other regulations are not violated regarding current signage.

A Planning Commission will be appointed by the City of Pinehurst. Prospective members will submit applications to be considered for placement on this committee. The council will make appointments based on their review of applications submitted. Harry Vine, Code Enforcement Officer, will be a non-voting member of the commission. City Administrator, Robbie Hood, will also provide input.

The goal of the Planning Commission is growth and development to optimize economic development within the city.

In other action Waxman and Associates was chosen as Project Grant Administrator seeking funds to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment facility. Police Chief Fred R. Hanauer, III was also authorized to apply for the 2016 State Homeland Security Grant Program along with the Justice Assistance Grant Program for 2017. These programs provide resources for local law enforcement agencies. Chief Hanauer is seeking these resources to provide his agency with tools to enhance their ability to perform their duties.