Health Scores

Published 11:28 am Monday, February 8, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh

A microwave in need of being cleaned, mold inside the ice machine and no hot water inside the restrooms were some of the demerits Texas Food Store, 305 Burton Ave. in Orange received during a recent routine health inspection. The business received a health score of 84. Other demerits were for pipes at the three-compartment sink not draining properly, paper towels needed in the restrooms, spider webs found in the back storeroom and general cleaning needed at the location.

Other Scores:

  • Sonic Drive-In #5783

2210 Hwy. 62, McLewis

Score: 91

Demerits included: Several areas and equipment in need of being cleaned, utensils stored between the equipment, handle side up, and in need of general cleaning.

  • Novrozsky’s Restaurant

1035 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 92

Demerits included: raw beef stored above liquid eggs inside the walk-in cooler, cutting boards in need of being replaced due to deep cuts on the boards, and gnats found in the back storage area.

  • Big Lot’s

2260 MacArthur Drive, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits included: Hot water required in the restrooms and several dead roaches found in the back storage area and one found on the sales floor.

  • Fast Stop Food Store

2410 Texas Ave., Bridge City

Score: 97

Demerits included all drinks in need of being stores six inches off the floor inside the walk-in cooler and inside the storage room.

  • Smoke Shop

585 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 97

Demerits were for most of the chips and a few of the bottled drinks were out of date.

  • The Hut

1804 16th Street, Orange

Score: 99

Demerits were for several flies found throughout.

  • Country Corner

1810 South Main Street, Vidor

Score: 99

Demerits are for several dead roaches found in the back storage area.

  • Family Dollar #4946

1540 Strickland Drive, Orange

Score: 99

Demerits included the need to clean the shelves inside the milk cooler and to clean and organize the back storage area.

  • Dairy Queen

11785 North Hwy. 62, Mauriceville

Score: 99

Demerits are for a vent-a-hood and side of flat top grill in need of being cleaned of old grease.


The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • Walgreen’s #12355

1790 Texas Ave., Bridge City

  • Apple Tree Child Enrichment

9983 Hwy. 105, Orangefield

  • Subway #51959

2496 MLK Drive, Orange

  • North Early learning Center

801 Cordrey Street, Orange

  • Orangefield High School

10058 FM 105, Orangefield

  • Vidor Elementary School

400 Eats Railroad, Vidor

  • Main Street Seafood

953 North Main Street, Vidor

  • Mauriceville Elementary

20040 Hwy. 1130, Mauriceville

  • Little Cypress Intermediate

2300 Allie Payne Road, Orange


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:

  • Red Wagon Café #2

445 West Freeway, Vidor