BCISD School Board accused of illegal contract

Published 7:51 am Saturday, January 30, 2016

By Bobby Tingle


BRIDGE CITY — Bridge City School Board to address letter alleging illegal action during the February 3 meeting.

Six of seven board members of Bridge City Independent School District received a letter from an attorney alleging illegal action. The letter accuses the board of making a three-year contract with an individual for his services. The contract allegedly includes setting a compensation package for services performed during that period.

There are seven members of the BCISD board but only six members were addressed in the letter sent by Watts.

Watts specifically states the board has acted in a manner that violates school board policy, is illegal under state law and “contrary to the very Spirit of our democratic republic”.

The letter indicates copies have been sent to the Commissioner of Education, the Chair of the State Board of Education and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The letter further alleges the use of private email communication and telephone calls that give the impression of seeking to hide their actions from the public eye.

A copy of the letter was forwarded to the six board members to whom the letter was addressed requesting additional information.

Jerry McInnis responded stating, “The items in the letter will be addressed on February 3 in a called meeting.”