BC competes in UIL

Published 9:36 am Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Special to The Leader

Bridge City High School students traveled to Hamshire-Fannett High School this past Friday and Saturday, January 8th and 9th, to compete in the UIL invitational practice meet. Friday’s participants, above, were the following students: Standing -Katelynn Haynes, Mei Visesio, Bryan Bush, Walker Case, Landon Luna, Fabian Rodriguez, Savanah Contreras, Michaela Cooper, and Maggie Garcia. Sitting-Alexandra Hargrave, Ruby Sanders, and Bryana Simmons. Saturday’s participants were Brianna Cross, Katelyn Mott, Marlee Bradley, Wesley Lewis, Moyleang Taing, Brandon Curl, Ohna Danna, Emma Breaux, Ashley Jones, Stephanie Romero, Dane Piper, Riley Bray, Jason Withers, Maggie Garcia, Tabitha Blakeney, Michael Tran, Margaret Greig, Alexys Erwin. Not pictured:  Faith Stephson, Avery Harris, Fabian Rodriguez, Ruby Sanders, Hailey Watts, Madison Caraway. In Editorial Writing, Fabian Rodriguez placed 6th. In Calculator, Brandon Curl placed 3rd, Moyleang Taing placed 4th, and Michael Tran placed 5th.  Bridge City Calculator Team placed 1st. The Calculator team members are Brandon Curl, Moyleang Taing, Michael Tran and Wesley Lewis.  In LD Debate, Ruby Sanders placed 2nd and Alexandra Hargrave placed 5th.  In Headline Writing, Bryana Simmons placed 3rd. In Literary Criticism, Alexys Erwin placed 2nd and Tabitha Blakeney placed 4th.  The Literary Criticism Team placed 1st.  Those team members are Alexys Erwin, Tabitha Blakeney, Stephanie Romero, and Ohna Danna. In Social Studies, Brianna Cross placed 4th, and Dane Piper placed 5th.  The Social Studies Team placed 2nd. Those members are Brianna Cross, Dane Piper and Marlee Bradley.  In Student Congress, Katelynn Haynes placed 6th.