Local man wants to bring Cracker Barrel to Orange

Published 10:10 am Saturday, January 9, 2016

By Bobby Tingle



With 159 likes in less than two days, the social media campaign to bring Cracker Barrel to Orange County is building.

David Wagstaff began the campaign by starting a Facebook page asking Cracker Barrel to build a restaurant in this area.

What impact could a social media campaign have on a major restaurant? Could their decision to locate in an area like Orange, Texas be influenced in this way?

“A lady started a campaign to bring Hobby Lobby back to Port Arthur,” Wagstaff said.

That major retailer did locate in Port Arthur and several other businesses have located around them.

“I think building by Flyin J Tavel Plaza would make a good location so truck drivers who stop can have a convenient place to eat,” Wagstaff said.

The key, according to Wagstaff, is a good deal from area leaders. Economic development is an important component of any community and offering incentives may be necessary to attract development.

The link to the website was shared with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The company’s Manager of Corporate Communication, Breeanna Straessle responded saying she passed the request to their Real Estate team.

Wagstaff is confident that a big restaurant like Cracker Barrel Old Country Store will attract others to the area. Giving local residents more options to stay in Orange and spend locally can only help create jobs and stimulate growth.

Area residents can join the campaign by searching on Facebook for Bring Cracker Barrel To Orange Texas. But beware there are graphical images that may inspire hunger.