Orange ranks 9 in smartest cities in Texas

Published 8:19 pm Friday, January 8, 2016

In a study by Zippia, a new site dedicated to careers and jobs, Orange ranked nine on the 10 smartest cities in Texas based on criteria like the number of schools per capita, the ratio of bars to libraries, and high school educated adults for each city in Texas.

According to the website, Zippia set upon the percentage of people with at least a high school degree, the number of public and private schools per capita, and the ratio of libraries to bar for the 157 largest cities in Texas with data. Zippia crunched the numbers and were left with this set of the brightest cities in Texas:

  1. Katy
  2. Tomball
  3. Sugar Land
  4. Boerne
  5. Humble
  6. Fredericksburg
  7. Kerrville
  8. Texarkana
  9. Orange
  10. Nederland

The determination was based on towns with over 10,000 population and data available for every criteria.

This left Zippia with 158 places in Texas.

The following criteria was used to determine the cream from the crop when it comes to smarts:

  • Percentage of adults with at least a high school education
  • Public schools per capita
  • Private schools per capita
  • Ratio of libraries to bars

Data came from AreaVibes‘ census data with a little help from our friends at Yelp as well, according to the list


Orange, with a population of 18,800 and 19.5 percent of the people at least a high school degree outranked Nederland on the list.

Nederland was shown with a population of 17,482 with 10.6 percent of the residents with at least a high school degree.