Counterpoint: Can a Sign Kill Christmas?

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Americans take pride in our tough, durable traditions. Like Teddy Roosevelt and Daniel Boone, our heroes stand strong in the face of danger… or unpopularity. Teddy Roosevelt finished a speech leaking from a fresh gunshot wound.
Over-sensitive, over-sanitized, and over-protective don’t appeal to America’s spirit. When history demanded we play nice with Atheists, Muslims, people of color, or homosexuals, we fought against being forced to be nice. The only thing that angers us more is messing with our freedom of religion. American traditions are not soft, quiet ones.
The City of Orange’s decision to remove the Nativity scene was heavy-handed and Un-American. They’ve over-sanitized the front lawn, over-protected Christians, and let a Nativity get knocked down by different beliefs.
Jesus didn’t run from Atheists, sinners, or beggars. He sat next to them, ate with them… and healed them. The City’s decision protected Jesus from a polite banner. The City evicted everyone, throwing out baby Jesus to protect him from sinners and beggars. Their fearful, over-sensitive reaction doesn’t demonstrate American toughness, nor the grit Jesus demonstrated in infuriating the Pharisees.
Who’s over-sensitive and whiny? Those crying most loudly and calling every offense an attack. Fifty years ago, our “way of life” was “under attack” by African-Americans. Homosexuals were accused of attacking the sanctity of marriage while heterosexuals filed for their fourth divorce. Some whine about Muslims in Syria while home-grown shooters terrorize our schools. Now, Jesus and his birthday are under siege — by a yard sign.
American toughness withstood those so-called attacks. Christmas won’t crumble under someone else’s disbelief. We’ve slowly, patiently learned that our families are strong, our traditions endure, and mentioning different ideas doesn’t mean we should cry about being attacked.
City of Orange, show some American grit. Bring back the Nativity scene! Put up an Atheist’s banner! Put up with different ideas, and demonstrate how leaders put up with those who disagree.

A former Orange homeowner and DJ for KOGT, Eric LaBrant frequently visits Orange for crawfish, boudain, and other things that aren’t available anywhere else. Recently elected as Port of Vancouver USA Commissioner, Eric lives blocks from the only surviving Navy Addition of its kind outside of Orange.