Overturned 18-Wheeler on Service Road closes I-10

Published 7:34 am Friday, December 18, 2015

Texas Department of Public a Safety received a report of an overturned truck tractor semi-trailer at approximately 5:25 p.m. Thursday on the eastbound service road of Interstate 10 in Jefferson County.  This incident occurred in front of the Goodyear plant.
There was a minor crash between two truck tractor semi-trailers in front of the Goodyear plant on the service road.  After the collision, the tanker portion of one of the truck tractors overturned.  The tanker contains Isoprene, which is a volatile liquid used in processing petroleum products.
At this time, there were no reports of leakage from the tanker.
As both truck tractors were attempting to enter the Goodyear plant area, the minor collision occurred between the two vehicles.
The driver of the overturned truck tractor, Bobby Capetillo , 25, of Raymondville, Texas, sustained minor injuries and was transported to St. Elizabeth hospital.  The driver of the other truck tractor semi-trailer was not injured in the crash.

In order for the tanker to be safely towed away, the Interstate was shutdown in both directions.  Westbound traffic on I-10 was stopped at Smith Road.  Eastbound traffic on I-10 was stopped three miles East of the crash scene.  The closure lasted approximately two hours.