Back the LCPD Badge bumper-sticker program unveiled

Published 2:46 pm Thursday, December 3, 2015

Special to The Leader

Chief Donald D. Dixon announces that the Lake Charles Police Department is instituting a bumper sticker program: Back the LCPD Badge

Amidst nation-wide often negative police scrutiny, Chief Donald D. Dixon was approached about a positive media campaign for the Lake Charles Police Department. Years ago the Lake Charles police Department had a positive response to the “Back the Blue” bumper sticker program. Research revealed that logo to be copy-righted, thus the “Back the LCPD Badge” bumper sticker campaign was born.

“In a time when law enforcement around our Country is viewed negatively and often disparaged, it is good to have this positive campaign to rally our community and encourage the many hard-working law enforcement employees not only of the Lake Charles Police Department, our Parish, and State, but our Nation, as well.”

Chief Dixon’s secretary, Candi Heard McFatter initiated the program and Chief Don Dixon and Alan Heisser’s non-profit organization Cops and Jocks shared the cost of printing the bumper stickers and magnets with McFatter.

Bumper Stickers may be obtained while supplies last, free of cost at the Central Police Station, 830 Enterprise Boulevard, Lake Charles, LA.