Make your blessings count this holiday season

Published 9:50 am Monday, November 23, 2015

By Elias Sarkis and Imad Sarkis

Our father, Samir, survived his battle against cancer for two years. However, his battle came to an end last December. He was a wise and compassionate entrepreneur who instilled the belief that investing in great people and quality causes gives the greatest returns. Our father’s business philosophy remains at the heart of all that we do at Tri-Con, Inc. and Exxpress Mart.

During his battle with cancer, we recognized how fortunate we were to have health insurance while many in our community struggle to receive basic medical care. After this experience, we sought a way to make a difference and became committed to the mission of the Gift of Life.

Our support of the Gift of Life inspired a seasonal giving initiative we call the Holiday Reindeer Campaign. This unique partnership between the Gift of Life and Exxpress Mart employees encourages customers to support this worthy cause by purchasing festive paper reindeer. All proceeds go directly to the Gift of Life, offering support to those who need it most.

Since the project began three years ago, our customers’ generosity has helped further the Gift of Life’s free medical and educational services. As a result of these efforts, Southeast Texans have identified Exxpress Mart as a family business that cares about the community. Putting our community first is more than a philosophy, it is a call to action – paying it forward.

This year, Exxpress Mart and the Gift of Life invite businesses and other individuals to participate in our Holiday Reindeer Campaign. Embrace the spirit of the season and contact the Gift of Life at 409.833.3663 to become involved in this worthwhile endeavor.

May we all count our blessings and make those blessings count,

Elias Sarkis is Tri-Con, Inc. and Exxpress Mart, President

Imad Sarkis is Tri-Con, Inc. and Exxpress Mart, Vice President