Cardinals of Character

Published 9:53 am Monday, November 23, 2015

Cardinals of Character is a good character program we have started at Bridge City Elementary this year.  Teachers are asked to nominate one student each six weeks who show exceptional character in their classroom.  Some examples of showing good character are doing the right thing without being asked or when no-one is watching, helping others, and setting a good example.  Some good character traits we are watching for and recognizing in our students are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Winners of this six weeks Cardinals of Character award are:  Brytllie Hamrick, Diego Ortiz, Jett Hebert, Camila Sanchez and Landon Hinesley

Kindergarten winners:  Konner Quigley, Ava Propps, Pelin Aras, Addyson Knight, Caleb Woodard, Arianna Collazo, Parker Dishon, Cly Troquille, Kayla Ener, Naidelin Collazo, Zoey Larson

1st grade winners:  Madeleine Doyle, Weldon Freeman, Audrey Bailey, Braxton Kiamar, Aliana Hisquierdo, Aliyah Garcia, Cynthia Cordova, Kacie Potter, Sheyenne Bendy, Kaston Flowers, Corey Delcambre, Maggie Gilleland, Skye Myers

2nd grade winners:  Landon Leleux, Jonah McElroy, Konner Lebert, Odes Gordon, Carson Sauceda, Brenner Moreau, Dalton Coats, Brennon Kay, Kevin Ramirez, Brooklyn Tregre, Kayden Meulumans, Mekhi Adams and Phillip Clark