Uganda pastor speaks on strength of unity

Published 10:05 am Monday, November 16, 2015

ORANGE — Pastors crossed the ocean to spread the word of how the churches in East Africa have grown stronger while spreading the word of God throughout Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and surrounding areas.

Pastor Willy, of Uganda, spoke at a Pastor’s Luncheon hosted by North Orange Baptist Church on Monday while traveling the area as part of spreading the word on Parental Care Ministries (PCM) in Africa.

PCM helps mentor and equip a network of over 70 pastors throughout the region.

Pastor Willy, an evangelist, said the churches have grown stronger in Uganda through the unity of the churches.

“Not all of us are teachers or evangelists,” Willy said. “By respecting each other and working together, we have grown stronger. Politicians respect us now.”

By working together, the pastors have seen growth in the churches.

“Pastor Emmy is teacher, I am an evangelist,” Willy said. “I can call him when I need help teaching.”

Pastor Emmy with his wife oversee over 1,800 children in several schools throughout Southwest Uganda.

“For the children, we have the campaign for shoes,” Emmy said. “I can still remember the first shoes I had. I was 13 years old, my first shoes. They were plastic, not like the nice leather ones I have today. I was so proud to wear them.”

Emmy said churches began as one church.

“Everyone is gifted differently,” Emmy said. “We are seeing growth in churches by joining in unity. We needed fellowship between pastors.”

Director of Ministry Operations Justin Hayes, of Orange, said the PCM Uganda Choir has been in the area before, but this was the first time the pastors have traveled to Orange.