Babin once again helps Obama, the Democrats

Published 7:13 am Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ByDwayne Stovall

CLEVELAND, TEXAS – Rep. Brian Babin, Republican incumbent for Texas Congressional District 36, voted for Paul Ryan in the vote for Speaker of the House this past week, despite previously announcing his support for Daniel Webster.

Dwayne Stovall, a Republican challenger who is running against Babin, released a statement about the disappointment of this vote.

“The people of Texas shouldn’t have to wonder about how their representatives will vote. Congressmen who have solid principles and who listen to the constituents of their districts will be consistent. Brian Babin has no consistency, nor does he listen to those in his district.

“On October 8th, Babin issued a press release that told us he had planned to vote for Daniel Webster and not for Kevin McCarthy.  He said at that time, ‘The people of the 36th District of Texas have been clear that they want to see new conservative leaders in Congress and I look forward to advancing that goal.’

“I have news for Congressman Babin, who evidently prizes his sub-committee chairmanship above fighting the Democrat agenda in Washington: Paul Ryan doesn’t represent new conservative leadership in Congress, and voting for Ryan, as Babin did, doesn’t advance that goal. The people of the 36th District of Texas were clear, and Babin chose to ignore us once again.

“Twice in less than a year, Brian Babin set aside our conservative principles and betrayed us when it came to the most powerful position in the House. His ‘present’ to John Boehner in January helped John Boehner remain Speaker and hurt Louie Gohmert’s bid to become Speaker. His latest vote for Paul Ryan gave the nod to a man who supported the so-called stimulus, TARP, bailouts, budgets that never balance, and perpetually increasing debt limits. It is clear that a sub-committee chairmanship is more important to the gentle congressman than doing what is right by his district.

“Barack Obama himself called John Boehner after the Speaker announced his departure and said, ‘I’m gonna miss you.’  It is clear that John Boehner was an ally to Barack Obama, and Brian Babin’s ‘present’ vote supported and helped their alliance, which hurt the conservative agenda throughout this year. It’s no wonder that over 60% of Republicans feel betrayed by the leadership in their party and by those who support that leadership, like Brian Babin.

“Babin supports Paul Ryan and voted for him, and in doing so threw away our conservative principles. Ryan was endorsed by Harry Reid, frequently partners with Democrat illegal amnesty advocate Luis Gutierrez, and a White House spokesman said, ‘The White House would like that idea [of Ryan for Speaker].’

“How our representatives in Washington vote should not be a surprise or leave us scratching our heads. This conservative district didn’t want John Boehner for Speaker, and we didn’t want Ryan for Speaker. Randy Weber, right next door to us, listened to his district. Louie Gohmert, right next door to us, listened to his district. It’s a shame that Texas CD 36 doesn’t have someone who will listen to them.

“It’s time to end concerns over whether or not our Congressman’s principles will be strong enough for him to vote the right way. It’s time to end the betrayal. That’s why I’m running to replace Brian Babin. Texans overwhelmingly want less DC, more Texas. Conservative Republicans in CD36 want a representative who actually understands the Constitution, has fidelity to it, and who will stand on conservative principles at every opportunity.”

Dwayne Stovall is a small businessman who lives in Liberty County. For more information please