Leadership, experience and economic growth for Orange County

Published 8:35 am Sunday, October 25, 2015

By Johnny Trahan

My name is Johnny Trahan and I am the conservative Republican choice for Orange County Pct. #1 County Commissioner. A LC-M, Lamar State College-Orange, and a Lamar Graduate, born, raised and educated in Orange County and Southeast Texas. We will have some excellent opportunities in the coming years and I believe I bring a positive perspective to fully develop these opportunities. I have observed the actions of the court and the reactions of the employees and taxpayers and see that there is a need for everyone to come together on these issues. My campaign platform has focused on these three major areas:

First – Leadership. I believe I can make a positive difference in Orange County. I am a lifelong native of Orange who understands and loves this community and has the energy and passion needed for this position. I will do what is fair to all parties involved and use my education and business experience to find a fair solution to issues facing Commissioners Court over the next few years. Orange County has a smart and talented workforce, business leaders who want to see our area thrive, and leadership to take advantage of our opportunities. I will listen and employ people’s ideas to solve our county’s issues and work to bring everyone together to pull in the same direction. I have the knowledge of our history and will use it to steer clear of previous mistakes. This will benefit me in making fair and fiscally sound decisions for the county.

Second – Experience. As a business leader I have had to: develop and follow a budget, and have an understanding of how our economy functions. I believe my business instinct, my education and an analytical approach to problem solving will give me the tools I need to represent Pct. 1 on the Commissioner’s Court with an even handed approach that is fair to citizens, tax payers and employees.

Third – Economic Growth. I am truly excited and optimistic about the future of Orange County! I am a lifelong resident of Orange County and I believe our brightest times are still ahead. I have worked hard for Orange County the last several years to help grow our economy through the Orange Chamber and in my current position, and will continue to do so, in my role as commissioner. We have an experienced hard-working workforce, the Sabine Neches Waterway, intra-coastal canal, railways, the Sabine River Authority Canal System, and an interstate that is near completion of an historic improvement. When we bring all of our assets together and work together, Orange County will bloom.

Please vote for Leadership, Experience and Economic Growth. Vote for Johnny Trahan for Pct. #1 County Commissioner.