Pinehurst to see change in garbage pickup

Published 9:17 am Saturday, October 24, 2015

By Bobby Tingle

PINEHURST – At the beginning of next year residents of the City of Pinehurst will see changes to the garbage pickup program.

The city has signed a contract with Republic Waste Services to handle garbage and trash pickup. As of now service will continue unchanged.

In 2016, the city expects new ninety-five gallon trash receptacles to arrive. Those new containers will be distributed to residents in the area.  After delivery of the new receptacles a change in the schedule for pickup is likely to be implemented.

Until the new containers are in place Republic Waste Services will maintain current service and schedules.

With the implementation of the new receptacles trash pickup will occur weekly with large items picked up weekly as well.

Trash pickup is expected to move to a Tuesday pickup schedule of each week when the new contract is fully implemented.

According to City Administrator Robbie Hood changes to the schedule and frequency of pickup have not been decided. He stressed the need to avoid the wear and tear of large vehicles traveling on city streets.

Vehicles such as those required for garbage and trash pickup cause wear and tear to roads increasing the need for repairs and maintenance.

As the city determines final implementation of any changes information will be made available.