Pinehurst starts sewer project

Published 10:32 am Saturday, October 24, 2015

By Bobby Tingle

PINEHURST — The City of Pinehurst began work in the Spooner addition on a sewer project on Thursday. The sewer main line is being replaced along Lark Street and is expected to take 60 days to complete. During the renovation residents can expect some traffic detours. As the new sewer main line is placed into service a cut will be made at the street to connect service lines leading to residents homes to connect sewer service to the new pipe. The final stage of the project will be the resurfacing of affected streets.

The city has contracted with Simco Enterprises to complete the work. According to City Administrator Robbie Hood, Simco Enterprises, which is located in Groves, has extensive experience with this type project. Contractors will insert the new pipe inside the old pipe and in a process called bursting will replace old sewer lines with the new.

Vehicles and equipment related to the project will be staged at Van Wiley Park. Additional parking for smaller vehicles will be made available by resident and City of Pinehurst Councilman Mike Anderson on private property.

Precautions will be taken in the staging areas to avoid permanent damage to the property and equipment located on private or city property.

Anderson confirmed Thursday afternoon the project work had begun. Workers had marked the location of underground lines and pipe had been staged for prepping at the park.

Residents in the area, according to Hood, will soon receive a much needed upgrade in city services.