BCISD School Board discuss options for selecting new superintendent

Published 9:05 am Saturday, October 17, 2015

By Bobby Tingle


BRIDGE CITY — Bridge City Independent School District members met Wednesday evening to consider options as they plan the process for selecting a replacement for current Superintendent Mike King.

King has announced his resignation effective at the end of January 2016.

Making decisions about the design of the process is an important first step in finding a replacement for King. To help the board in their choice Region 5 Education Services Center Executive Director, Danny Lovett, conducted a workshop outlining the various options along with the pros and cons board member should consider.

According to Mr. Lovett the current board members have ample experience with this process.

Choosing a Superintendent of schools, according to Lovett, is the most important task a school board will under take. Superintendent candidates offer a variety of skill sets, experience, strengths and focus.   A candidate’s strengths can vary. The school district may require expertise in construction and bonds or the board may want to focus on student achievement and curriculum. Determining needs of the district along with other board preferred characteristics make up the candidate profile. This profile will direct the board as they prospect for candidates and evaluate resumes of those seeking the position.

Time and money are the primary resources board members must take into consideration.

The board can opt to hire a firm that will perform all aspects of the search. At this end of the spectrum the board invests less time but more money. The other extreme is to conduct the search with board members fulfilling all duties required requiring the most time of board members but at much less cost.

The board met at the close of the workshop but no action was taken.