Smith seeks sheriff’s seat

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

By David W. Smith

I grew up in Orange County and many of those years I served in the healthcare field with 20 years experience. I have witnessed how we have changed as a society here. We have grown in numbers and grown apart in many ways with relationships with one another. Yes, I guess you could say I am old school. My roots are put down here and I have a vested interest in my hometown and my County. I graduated Class of 1984 from LC-M and joined the US Air Force. I also served in the Texas Army National Guard in 2004-2007 and was called to active duty in 2005 and trained in Ft. Hood to deploy to Kosovo in 2006. In 2014 I ran as an Independent candidate for Texas US Senate and during that campaign I made many connections with those who would show themselves as defenders of our Constitutions and continue to this day.

While in Kosovo I attended Political Science classes where I was made aware of many abnormal activities happening and the way our US Politics are headed. Rights and freedom are being slowly erased and we have many in Law Enforcement who are conditioned to obey unconstitutional laws and enforce them on citizens. Reason being they have no clue what the Constitutions are for. I do and that is what makes me a candidate fully capable of carrying out the duties of your Sheriff in Orange County. All lives matter to me and I will protect your inalienable rights to freedom and liberty as your Sheriff.

About three years ago I learned about Texas Government Code 431 the Texas Military Forces Statute. In that Statute there is a Reserve Militia which is, the residents of a County they live in. It has been part of Texas Law since 1905 and has not been implemented and is a neglect of our County security. I have encouraged our elected servants to do their duty in fulfilling their part in organizing the people who would volunteer to serve and it has been neglected. Some elected servants have already spoken in favor yet the current Sheriff refuses and neglects to abide by the Statutes and this is my main goal to correct, when elected as your new Sheriff.

We have some excellent officers in our County and when there comes a day when we will need all the assets and skills necessary we will find they will need the help of law abiding citizens who have been vetted and have been a part of a fostered relationship. We as citizens of Orange County already have the right to defend our County but what we need now is for the elected servants to stop telling us they will take care of us. It is the responsibility of all citizens to work together to protect our community from manmade or natural events. I am the candidate for Sheriff who will work with every citizen in accomplishing a clear cut and defined plan that will secure our future safety.

After I am elected as your Sheriff I will have two years to get the officer certification all officers are required to have. It has never been a requirement for a Sheriff to have before they are elected. It is a twelve-week class that can be taken at LIT Police Academy in Beaumont.

I am self-employed since 2008 after starting New Century Dome Builder, Commander of The American Legion Post 49 in Orange and Commander of the Golden Triangle Militia.