Rep. Brian Babin’s “Present” to Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner

Published 12:25 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Press Release


CLEVELAND, Texas — Dwayne Stovall, Republican candidate for Texas Congressional District 36, responds to the pending resignation of Speaker of the House John Boehner by calling out the “present” given to Boehner last January by Rep. Brian Babin.

Stovall said in a statement: “Every time you see the House Republicans give in during October, it’s because of Rep. Brian Babin’s ‘present’ to John Boehner.

“62-precent of Republicans feel betrayed by politicians in their party, according to a recently released Fox News poll. Betrayal is a strong word, but it’s what was used in the poll. Why do the majority of Republicans feel betrayed? Too often politicians go to Washington to pursue their own agenda rather than the agenda of the people.

“While many people feel great relief at the announced resignation of Republican leader John Boehner, let’s not mince words. He won’t leave his position until after the budget passes and it will pass with more funding for Planned Parenthood, more spending, and more disappointment that our Republican leaders refuse to fight the Democrats or President Obama.

“One of the reasons that Republicans in Congress won’t fight in October is due to Rep. Brian Babin. Had he listened to those in his district and had the courage to stand with them, he would have voted against John Boehner remaining Speaker of the House. He didn’t. Instead, Rep. Babin gave Boehner a ‘present.’ By voting ‘present,’ he made it harder for conservatives like Rep. Louie Gohmert to achieve the votes needed to get a new Speaker.

“In short, Rep. Babin’s ‘present’ did nothing to push back against the establishment, and by removing himself from the process, he only lowered the requirement and helped the wrong Republican remain leader.

“Rep. Babin’s ‘present’ is indicative of the Republican surrender that we have constantly seen and will continue to see through the month of October until Boehner leaves his seat.

“Rep. Babin was rewarded for his ‘present’ by receiving a subcommittee chairmanship, while Rep. Mark Meadows had his subcommittee chairmanship taken from him for voting against Boehner as Speaker. This is the same Mark Meadows who never gave up the fight against Boehner, and who initiated the actions that led the way for Boehner to step down.

“Rep. Babin received his chairmanship because he helped Boehner remain Speaker.

“Rep. Meadows lost his chairmanship because he voted against Boehner as Speaker.

“Rep. Babin says he will fight for conservative principles, but his actions have shown him to be just another politician who will betray conservative Republicans.

“Texas CD 36 needs a fighter – someone who will put the interests of Texas first.”

Dwayne Stovall is a small businessman who lives in Liberty County. For more information please