Pullen wants to make a difference for citizens

Published 6:51 am Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ORANGE — One could say serving his community is in Patrick Pullen’s blood.

Council Member District 1 Patrick Pullen served six years in the Marines as military police and 38 years with the Orange Police Department prior to retiring.

Groups in the city suggesting he run for city council approached Pullen.

“I love being on the council,” Pullen said. “It is very interesting. I am a full-time council member due to being retired. I stay really busy.”

Pullen said he attends school board meetings and has had people call him at different times during the night.

“Helping people is the plus side,” Pullen said.

This is Pullen first term on the council although he did run for judge approximately 15-18 years ago.

“I did not win, but did split the vote,” Pullen said.

Currently, Pullen is not serving on a special committee but does look forward to working with the city and other entities.

During a tour of the City Library, Pullen questioned the policy on persons caught viewing inappropriate materials on the computers.

“I was told they were not allowed to use the computers but were not told they had to leave,” Pullen said. “On the day I was here, I noticed several children in the library. We now are able to issue trespassing against such individuals. This offers better security for our children and the library.”

Pullen is also working on a special exemption for ad valorem tax for veterans.

“We have it for over 65 and disabled but why not veterans,” Pullen asked. “It turns out it needs to be a state law to add a category.”

With approximately 1,000 veterans in the city, Pullen said the exemption would not remove much from the city budget if it comes to pass.

Pullen also said family is important to him.

“I have ten grandchild and one great-grandchild,” Pullen said. “Being on the council is about the children.”

Providing a place for activities for the children in the community is a priority for Pullen.

“It is a means to help us [the city] down the road,” Pullen said.

District 1 covers Roselawn addition, MacArthur Drive to 16th Street, Hillbrook addition, State Hwy. 62 and Interstate 10, Low, and 44th Street and Farm to Market Road 105 areas.