County hires new Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Published 11:24 am Saturday, August 15, 2015

There is a new deputy in town. Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, that is.

Orange County Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Brian Shajari, 33, was one of 15 applicants for the position.

“We interviewed a number of the applicants,” Emergency Management Coordinator Ryan Peabody said on Friday. “Brian stood out with his experience with the Coast Guard and with working an incident command structure.”

Shajari served for 13 years in active duty as Port Security with the Coast Guard and is now in Intel as Reserve Coast Guard.

The Office of Emergency Management represents the County for emergency preparedness, responds to incidents involving hazards and/or disaster situations and, ensures compliance with federal and state regulations.

Shajari, a veteran of seven hurricanes in the Coast Guard, looks forward to continue being a steward for the community.

“As a veteran of the hurricanes while serving in the Coast Guard, I can understand being without civilization for weeks,” Shajari said. “”I look forward to keeping a well oiled machine going.”

Shajari will concentrate on mitigation strategy while working with the federal government.

“I am happy to be here and back home in Southeast Texas,” Shajari said.

Shajari resides in Beaumont with his wife of five years and his one and half year old son.