Parking restricted near Confederate Park

Published 9:29 am Monday, July 20, 2015

ORANGE — Traffic congestion near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Interstate 10 is a concern for the City of Orange Police Chief.

“We have had traffic congestion problems reported,” Police Chief Lane Martin said. “There is no shoulder and no place to park. I am concerned it is an accident waiting to happen.”

The location Martin is concerned is Martin Luther King Drive between Bancroft Street and North Lutcher Drive (also known as Interstate 10 service road).

Martin said adjustments had already been made to the street signals at the intersection.

“Even with the adjustments, traffic can still back up to Community Christian School,” Martin said.

City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre said a study from TxDOT showed the city there was a concern for parking in the area.

“For no parking signs to be erected at the location, the city council needs to approve it,” Oubre said. “TxDOT can erect the signs.”

Oubre also said the city could discuss no parking signs on 41st Street at another time as the street is a city street.

Martin Luther King Drive and Interstate 10 face TxDOT easement requiring approval from the state as well to place no parking signs at the location.

The area is the location of the Confederate Flag Memorial under construction at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Interstate 10 in Orange.

Philip Cooper, of Orange, is concerned people will start parking on 41st Street.

“The street is 15-feet wide and now I am backing in to the ditch,” Cooper said. “People who tend the land block the street which is a dead end street.”

Cooper said the park should have plenty of space for its own parking without using city property.

“My drive way is used as a turn around,” Cooper said.

Chuck Copeland also asked the city council to consider no parking signs on 41st Street.

“There is no shoulder on 41st,” Copeland said. “It is too narrow.”