Citizens divided on basketball courts

Published 9:47 pm Saturday, July 18, 2015

ORANGE — Citizens are divided on basketball courts at a city park.

During a previous Orange City Council meeting, citizens commented on proposed basketball hoops in the process of being installed at a local park asking the council to reconsider due to concerns of increased noise in the area.

The hoops now stand incomplete at the park resulting in one resident to start a petition to reconsider the nets.

“We want the city to reconsider the basketball hoops,” Joseph Robinson said during a recent city council meeting. “There are children playing in the street. A kid could get hit [by a car].”

Robinson said he was presenting the council with the signatures this week, and was expecting more signatures as the petition continued to circulate.

“Next week, I will bring the people,” Robinson said. “The kids are walking the street and need something to do.”

Robinson also said if noise was the issue, then the city should reconsider fireworks near nursing homes as well.

“The court is 75-percent finished,” Robison said after the meeting. “What a waste of money.”

Robinson also said the city did not make it known that they were going to change what was already passes.

“This is a bad blow for the ones that play ball,” Robinson said.