Lapoint Energy Partners, Inc. moves forward, County approve Tax Abatement

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, July 15, 2015

LaPoint Energy Partners, Inc. is a based in Southeast Texas and owned and managed by Golden Triangle business professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the oil services, engineering and construction industries.

Daymon LaPoint , CEO of LaPoint Energy Partners Inc. has over 25 years of experience in oil and gas logistics and facility operations. He has held positions ranging from Vice President of Off- Shore and Mid-Stream Development, Crude Terminal Operations Design Director, Engineering Design Manager, Piping Designer and Draftsman according to a fact sheet provided by the company.

“After a lengthy comparison of surrounding counties we chose Orange County for multiple reasons,” Lapoint said during a telephone interview. “Being raised locally this gives me great personal pleasure in keeping our project so close to home. The feasibility of our operational plans and the requirements that are important for the success of this project were the technical aspect of our decision.”

Lapoint said the community and talent available in Orange County were deciding factors as well as the professional approach that the County Commissioners and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has taken while presenting all that the community of Orange County, Texas can bring to the table.

“Location in association to local rail and crude oil markets, and the ease of access for our future customers was also an important consideration,” Lapoint said.

The company will have an open bid process for construction services with bids possibly awarded as early as the end of August.

“We encourage local Orange County Companies to get involved in the bidding process and expect that they will be very competitive,” Lapoint said. “Local companies that provide the types of services that are required for construction and ongoing operational services will have multiple chances to be a part of LaPoint Energy Partners construction and operational services. We will remain open and share our bidding activities with the local press as they develop.  We expect to start requesting bids for these services the middle of August 2015.”
Projections for the plans considered factors such as holidays and weather patterns, according to Lapoint.

“We will consider local contractors during the bidding process,” Lapiont said. “Once the bids are back, the contractors will start hiring for construction.”

LaPoint Energy Partners plan to start hiring direct long term operational personnel during December 2015 and January 2016.

“Permanent long-term jobs will be filled by local people,” Lapoint said. “We want to have our team together prior to opening to allow time for proper safety training.”

Jeff Domec, will be the Executive Director of LaPoint Energy Partners Inc.. He has over 34 years of experience working in the petrochemical and construction industries. His vast professional experience includes plant expansion projects and facilities management for multi-million dollar construction projects
LaPoint Energy Partners Liquids Terminal No. 1 will be built in Orange County on a 150-plus acre tract over the next 30 months. The property is currently under contract pending final negotiations. Details will be published as the project unfolds.

The LaPoint Energy Partners project will be constructed in three phases. The first phase will include the acquisition of the property, preparation of the site for construction, and the construction of our corporate offices, and the railcar cleaning and crude transfer systems; valued at approximately 12 million dollars. Phase two will include the construction of the truck transloading facility, crude oil tank storage and pipeline connectivity infrastructure and is valued at approximately 18 million dollars. Phase 3 will complete the project with the construction of our crude oil storage facilities and crude blending systems and will represent another 20 million of local investment.

Orange County Commissioners Court approved a Chapter 381 agreement on Monday. The company still needs to approve the agreement.

“With a Chapter 381 Agreement, the county will receive revenues from the company, payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT),” Orange County EDC Director Bobby Fillyaw said. “The company still has to agree. Now they can move forward to purchase the land and then execute the documents.”

Fillyaw said the company was environmentally conscience.

“The company has a system whereas they are able to recover every drop of oil and separate it from the cleaning solution,” Fillyaw said. “They have zero environmental emissions they qualified for Permit-By-Rule.”

Permits-By-Rules are rules with general and specific requirements promulgated by the commission. PBRs are usually specific to an industry or activity. A facility authorized by PBR must meet each condition of the rule exactly, with no exceptions according toe the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.