Health Scores

Published 11:12 am Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spiders, mold and dripping water were among the demerits received at Donut Palace, 11258 Hwy. 12 in Mauriceville during a recent health code inspection leading to score of 78 out of a possible 100. Other demerits included eggs and sausage found at unsafe temperatures, employee drinks found improperly stored inside the coolers, reusing the same pan liner to bake kolaches, foods stored below a pan of water dripping from a motor, and black mold found on the wall at the three-compartment sink.


Other health scores:

  • Honey Stop #2

1012 West Park, Orange

Score: 80

Demerits included: Several expired food items on the shelves, towels needed in the restroom, several gnats found at the drink station, chemicals stored above the pet food and food storage containers, and heavy slime found inside the ice machine.

  • Freeway Express

115 East Freeway, Vidor

Score: 83

Demerits included: need to date sandwiches inside the cooler, no hot water inside the store, and several dead roaches found throughout. The sore opened without proper County permits according to the health report and did not have a temporary food service permit.

  • Sammy’s Stop

2016 Pine Bark Blvd., Orange

Score: 86

Demerits included: Several expired items on the shelves, several gnats found at the drink station, slime/mold found inside the ice machine, and the need to clean the walls of the public restroom where the health inspector found ‘dried blood or feces’.