Orange County issuing same sex marriage licenses

Published 9:12 am Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Orange County County Clerk’s office was ready Monday morning to issue same sex marriage licenses after receiving the new forms from the state.
A clerk from the office said the office received word early Monday morning the office could start issuing licenses for same sex partners.
“The forms must come from the state,” County Attorney Douglas Manning said at the court house Monday.
The clerk’s office could not alter the forms available on Friday as it would be a violation according to Manning.
The County Clerk’s office received numerous phone calls concerning the availability of a same sex marriage license on Friday but did not issue any on Monday. Three were issused within 30 minutes Tuesday morning. The first couple was waiting at the door for the office to open Tuesday morning.
Another form also now available at the County Clerk’s office is a declaration of informal marriage. The form is generally used for ‘common-law’ marriages. The form is now available for same sex couples as well.
The form does pose some unanswered questions for the date of the union according to Manning as for the date of the union if the form is backdated to prior the Supreme Court ruling or if married in another state.
“Spouses need to make sure they understand, and may want to seek legal counsel,” Manning said. “The County Clerk cannot offer legal advice.”
Requirements for getting a marriage license according to
• Both applicants should come in together when applying. If one of the applicants can’t make it, they will need to obtain an Absent Applicant Form.
• You will need an original State or Federally issued ID that shows your date of birth (Driver’s License, State ID, etc.) or a certified copy of your birth record.  Your ID or birth record must state your correct, legal name.
• You need to know your Social Security Number and place of birth, but you do not need to provide proof of these.
• You should be over 18 years old.
• The license is $82.00 – no checks.
• If you are divorced, your divorce must be final for over 30 days before getting a new marriage license (unless you’re remarrying the same person you just divorced).
• There will be a 72-hour waiting period before you can use your marriage license.
• Texas does not require a blood test to be conducted on the marriage license applicants.
• The license is valid for 90 days and may be used anywhere in the State of Texas.