Banken believes in serving the people

Published 11:53 am Monday, June 29, 2015

John Banken, Orange County Commissioner Precinct Three, is no stranger to serving the public. He has also on the Bridge City Council for six years and served nine years as Bridge City’s mayor.
“Being elected is serving the people,” Banken said. “If you go away from that, you are in the wrong position.”
Banken strongly believes in education, even for public officials. He has received his required hours of education for this year.
Commissioners are required to attain 16 hours of education every 12-month period and may carry forward up to eight hours.
“Education and how you use it what you have to better serve the people,” Banken said.
Prior to serving the residents of Orange County, Banken was a plant manager and construction manager.
“As a  construction manager I traveled all over the United States,” Banken said.
Precinct Three is covers West Orange, Orangefield, Bridge City and South Vidor.
“Precinct Three is unique in it takes in all but one school district,” Banken said. “It also takes in more rivers and has more frontage on the Neches River than the other precincts.”
Banken also said the precinct has some of the best fishing spots with Bailey’s, a popular fishing spot in Bridge City.
“I have a compassion for the people of this county,” Banken said. “The people of the county need to be served proper. I also have respect for the county employees. We need to take care of them and their families.”
Banken said it is important to do the right thing especially for the people he serves.
“We are all God’s peoples,” Banken said. “It is a privilege and honor to serve the people of Orange County.”
Banken is also involved with his church and for relaxation he raises cows.

Classes attended:
South Texas County Judge and Commissioner Association Education Conference

Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission