UPDATED: County adopts resolution for creation of VA Hospital in Orange

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UPDATE: A Baptist Hospital representative said, “Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas is very willing to discuss options for the Orange facility, we  are genuinely interested in collaborating to benefit our Veterans.  We look forward to hearing more information as this project progresses. Again, thank you for taking the time to make a difference to the men and women who have protected our families, our community and our country.”


Orange County Commissioners Court approved a resolution in support and requesting the establishment of a Veteran’s Administration medical inpatient hospital.
Concerns for an inpateint medical facility arose after Baptist Hospital Orange announced earlier this year the hospital would cease inpatient care as of June 1, 2015.
“We have not had talks with the hospital, but have notified the hospital of our intent,” Orange City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre said during court Monday afternoon.
Oubre said the resolution was an initial step towards using the hospital as a VA service.
Oubre also said in a press release, with the closing of Inpatient Services at Baptist Hospital Orange, a group of elected and appointed officials, business leaders, and local physicians have come together to look for replacements and alternatives in our medical community.
One suggestion was to use the current Baptist Orange Hospital facility as a VA Inpatient Services location.  Congressman Babin and his staff have been very helpful with supplying information and holding a conference call with VA representatives.  No negotiations have occurred between any party and Baptist Hospital of South East Texas as to the future of the property.  I have advised them that the county would be seeking consideration from the VA.
With over 6,000 veterans living in Orange County, the two nearest locations for inpatient care are Houston, TX and Baton Rouge, LA.  This may be an opportune time to consider this.  You will see many entities in Orange County supporting a Resolution and offering a support letter to be sent to the VA for consideration, according to a press release.
“I want to thank the many people involved in the discussions and also thank Judge Brint Carlton, Mayor Jimmy Sims and the City Council of Orange for the many meetings that have occurred to get to this point,” Orange City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre said in a press release. “Also, assisting in this endeavor have been Mr. Walter Riedel of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation and Dr. Calvin Parker.  Lastly, Congressman Babin and his staff for their guidance and support.”
The resolution reads, “…we citizens owe our security and democratic form of government to our military veterans who preserve the past and currently serving protecting our present and future.”
Total appointments scheduled, every scheduled appointment at that facility except surgery and procedures in Houston for June 1, 2015 was 69,016 and 6,864 in Baton Rouge VA Medical Centers and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics according to the Veterans Health Administration website.