Burton enjoys connecting with citizens

Published 10:24 am Monday, June 22, 2015

Barry Burton, Orange County Commissioner Precinct Two, is discovering new and unexpected challenges during his first term as an elected official.
“Well, first term if you do not count Student Body President,” Burton said with a smile.
Serving on the court has given Burton a renewed appreciation for small town communities.
“People stop by and visit everyday,” Burton said. “It helps me stay connection to the community.”
Burton, when in the private industry, strived for customer service.
“This [Commissioners Court] is not instant results,” Burton said.
While, Burton is currently on one committee, he said that is due to committee selections were made prior to his election.
“The ones that have been available were ones the county judge are appointed,” Burton said. “I am hoping I will be appointed for the EDC committee when it comes available.”
EDC is the Orange County Economic Development Corporation.
Burton is also reaching out to serving on committees with the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission.
Burton has already obtained his required hours of education.
Commissioners are required to attain 16 hours of education every 12-month period and may carry forward up to eight hours.
Precinct Two is the north center of the county which includes Mauriceville, Pinehurst, Bancroft, McLewis and a small area of Vidor.
“Precinct Two is the most rural area of the county with the most county roads,” Burton said. “It also touches borders with the other three precincts.”
Every school district in the county is represented in Precinct Two.

Classes attended:
Preparing to take office Workshop
Newly Elected Judges and Commissioner Seminar: 20.5 hours of Continuing Education credit that includes:
Certification on Public Information Act
Open Meetings Act.
Seminar  with Texas House Joint commission on Coastal Flooding
Seminar on Public Education  hosted by Dr. Szuch Lamar Institute of Technology and Representative Joe Deshotel
Seminar on Environmental Progress in Texas hosted by TCEQ, Dennis Issacs
Seminar on Transportation hosted by John Barton Dep. Ex. Director TXDot

Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission