Area students prepare for military duty

Published 9:01 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

A large number of Orange County youth participated in the Our Community Salutes and U.S. Army Recruiting Company program earlier this month in Beaumont, along with others from Southeast Texas area high schools, as a way of recognizing those high school seniors who plan to enlist into the military immediately after graduation. Names, in alphabetical order, are Victor Adascalitei, Daniel Badillo-Ruiz, Fred Brunner, Ezequiel Cantu, Roger Carmelo, Braden Carrell, Canyon Cassidy, Tyra Celestine, Nicholas Charles, Courtney Clark, Bradon Craigen, Amy Cuellar, Jose Luis Damian-Jiminez, Joseph Dunham, Dustin Ellison, Joy Evans, Kevin Fonseca-Lozano, Christopher Giffin, Jonathon Granger, Caleb Green, Alvaro Gutierrez, Ethan Harding, Aaron Hardy, Cameron Herbert, Geordan Howard, Kaleb Husbands, Israel Ibarra, Austin Johnson, Christopher Landry, Matthew Lawrence, Matthew McKeon, Brent Meguess, Micah Nash, Jakayla Nickerson, Bradley Oxley, Caleb Pipes, Merina Rajkarnikar, Anthony Reeves, Dianne Roberts-Hempel, George Rogers, Marilyn Ruiz, Drake Samples, Amber Slater, John Smith, Blake Tilton, Azhar Uddin, Phantasia Teren White, Brice Wilson, Dorian Wilson and Nyalah Yusuf-Rivera.