Militia resolution struck down

Published 5:47 pm Friday, May 29, 2015

Orange County Judge Stephen Brint Carlton began Commissioners Court Tuesday by stating he wanted to make a clarification on an issue that had many residents talking last week.
“The county has no intention of creating a militia,” Carlton said. “The militia is already here. The resolution last week was not adopting the militia as owned by Orange County. The purpose was to thank the group for assisting the county in the time of need.”
The court took no action on the agenda item.
In a 5-0 vote, the court accepted a resolution recognizing all who serve Orange County.
“There are several people and organization who have helped and supported this county,” Carlton said.
The resolution in part reads, “…Orange County owes a debt of gratitude and appreciation for all who have helped and supported this great county and her residents through trials and tribulation, big and small, costing lives, property and resources…”
A recognizing and supporting the Golden Triangle Militia as a reserve militia was tabled last week as commissioners requested more information concerning the group and the vetting of members.
Approving the resolution would have set a precedence in the state as it would have been the first such resolution to be passed by a county court.
Golden Triangle Militia Commander David W. Smith said the resolution was not passed due to a continued lack of understanding.
“We have more hurdles to overcome,” Smith said.