(Orange, Texas)

September 24, 2013

Gulf Coast Legislative Council to host National Flood Insurance Protection Summit

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

Miramar Beach, Florida — The Gulf Coast Legislative Council (GCLC) announced plans to host a Summit on the National Flood Insurance Protection program and the Biggert-Waters Flood Act on October 15, 2013 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Members of the United States Congress, GCLC Leadership, state and local governments and flood experts have been invited to speak to the organization’s legislative membership, which represents state legislators from the five Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The topic of the summit is the Biggert-Waters Flood Act and the potential impact that this law has on the Gulf Coast region as well as efforts being taken by congressional leadership to halt or amend certain aspects of the law.

Many in the Gulf Coast states are fearful that changes to the federal flood insurance program will send premiums too high to afford and affect thousands in the Gulf Coast states who are faced with greatly decreased home values and the ultimate risk of irreversible property loss due to floods if scheduled large increases to the flood insurance premiums take effect. There are efforts underway by Gulf Coast congressional members to repeal or delay certain aspects of the law, some of whom will serve as speakers at the Summit.

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes, who serves as the host of the Summit said, “Flood Insurance is one of the largest areas of concern for the Citizens of Gulfport, many of whom have still not rebuilt following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Gulfport is pleased to play a role in bringing the proper attention to the issue and our city is proud to welcome legislators and members of congress from throughout the Gulf Coast states to our city as they meet to address these concerns.  We look forward to hosting GCLC in Gulfport in October and partnering with the organization on all issues that affect our city, state and region.”

The Summit is taking place from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at the Marriott Courtyard Coastal Ballroom, 1600 East Beach Blvd., Gulfport, Mississippi and is open to members and non-members of GCLC.

For information about the Summit, including table reservations and sponsorship opportunities, individuals can contact Lori at 850-778-5715 or or visit to register online.

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