(Orange, Texas)

May 22, 2013

Housing Authority Chairman resigns

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — City of Orange Council Member District 4 Mary McKenna announced her resignation as Chairman for the Board of Commissioners Housing Authority City of Orange during the 4 p.m. Housing Authority meeting on Tuesday. Her resignation also automatically removed her from the Board of Orange Development Corporation.

McKenna told the board that she will still represent the board as it is located in the district she represents on the council.

“You have a friend at city council,” McKenna said.

Commissioner Michael Combs thanked McKenna for a wonderful job and hoped she moved forward with the city.

Combs announced a new procedure concerning citizens comments during the meetings.

“This is a new procedure,” Combs said. “I want to make sure everyone is aware.”

There are two opportunities to address the commission at the meetings now. If one wants to comment on an item on the agenda, they may speak at the beginning of the meeting if they have filled out the proper forms before the meeting. All comments not concerning an item on the agenda will be at the end of the meeting. All comments are limited to three minutes.

Prior the meeting, Commissioner Joseph Robinson questioned why an item he submitted was not on the agenda.

Combs was overheard telling Robinson that there were no specifics on the request so it was not added.

“If you want to talk about it, you can fill out a form like anyone else,” Combs said.

Robinson said he was concerned about the bidding process and it would take more than the three minutes.

The financial report was read.

A comment was made concerning a charge account at Home Depot.

“That was Anderson,” Interim Executive Director Lanita Brown said.

The low-rent housing program showed a 96.5% occupancy rate with 109 vacant units.

There were six reports of criminal activities.

The board approved the purchase of two mowers with URentAlls submitting the lowest bid.

The committee also approved the purchase of a Equinox from Capital Funds. The vehicle is to replace a Jeep Liberty that will be placed for auction.

The Jeep has a blue book value of $1786. The vehicle is in need of an engine.

Commissioner Patricia Coppage, secretary for the board, said that State Attorney General required commissioners to complete Open Meeting Act classes and Public Information Act classes within 90 days of being appointed.

“Two commissioners have not completed the classes yet,” Coppage said. “Griffin is now complete but Robinson is not done.”

Elected and appointed public officials are required by a state law to receive training in Texas open government laws. The training is free.